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Wonderful Software Companies

Merit is a holding company that acquires, manages and builds software businesses in niche verticals over a very long period of time. We're an experienced team of operators and investors with a proven track record in software. We aspire to be a different kind of investor, one who strives to build great companies and provide a permanent home for businesses, not optimize for short-term results like traditional private equity. Our focus is on employees, customers and great products. We love going deep to understand their needs and driving growth through trust and empowerment. Our portfolio of companies runs independently yet benefits from shared expertise, resources, capital, and community. Our capital comes from a small group of world-class entrepreneurs and investors who share a similar mindset and value system. 


Image by Johny Goerend

Why We're Different

We are a holding company, not an investment firm.  
We know what it's like to run and grow a software business because we’ve done it.
We are business builders with a growth mindset.
We ensure employees, customers and partners thrive after you exit.
We keep things simple...complex terms and renegotiating isn't good for anyone.
With our capital base, we acquire with confidence and move quickly.


Image by Konstantin Kleine

Situations We Help With

You need a partner to help institutionalize and grow your business.
You're looking to transition or retire due to estate planning or other life events. Or maybe you're simply looking to spend more time with loved ones after building your business for so long without a stop.
You want to eliminate risk and monetize the value you've created today.
You're a family business who cares about leaving a meaningful legacy.
You desire a reduced or more focused role within the Company so you can get back to doing what you love.
You're a management team looking to acquire a business from its current owner.
You're a serial entrepreneur ready to pursue your next venture.
Situations We Help With



Working With Merit

Nothing is more important.
We keep things simple.
No surprises – that’s our commitment.
Our capital base and software experience enable us to acquire with confidence and move quickly.

We'd love to hear from you

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